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On The Road Again!

American Marine Group's yard was kind enough to give us a berth for a short time.  We are truly grateful to them during this economic downturn — when fundraising is extraordinarily difficult.  Maritime preservation is not on eveyone's mind these days.  Fortunately, the American Marine team are sympathetic to our cause!

The ship was actually moved on March 4, 2011.  Trip took all day!  Due to waits at various drawbridges as they opened for us.

However, she is in a safe place for now.  American Marine has always been great to us in the past, and will tow us anywhere, so we can just go with the flow.

With a lot of these ships' foundations going by the wayside, it's a wonder we're still at it!!  In large part due to the kindness and generosity of many people like those at American Marine, Anderson Paint, Skiffs Creek Towing, and NAUTICUS — to name just a few.

Below are a series of photos from the last tow.

Tug American alongside.

Stern view Zuni/Tam with volunteers waiting for tug-ops to begin.

Rich & Captain Reggie from Tug America.

Coming into new mooring — American Marine Yard.

Alongside barge.

Harry Jaeger & CPO Geo. Luera USCG.

Tied & secured @ American Marine.

Team Zuni-Tamaroa assists the Coast Guard CPO's and American Legion in removing Christmas Wreaths from the Yorktown National Cemetery in Yorktown, Virginia on January 5, 2011.

In Remembrance of Lt. Ray Edward Chance
— The First Skipper of the Zuni —

Rich Cunningham visited Arlington and discovered a remarkable, small-world coincidence:   "Rodney & I went over to Arlington yesterday.  The section that the Captain is in (Section-51: Site-2336) is very easy to get to, very close to the reception center.   As we were leaving Section-51, I noticed a grave with a Christmas wreath; the name on the stone was Cpl. Rene Gagnon.   I knew who he was — Rene Gagnon was one of the men who planted the Flag up on Iwo Jima!!   I took two photos of his gravesite (front & back).  Just one of those uncanny things, two heroes — both at the Battle of Iwo Jima — buried within 100' of each other."

Now Herb Ruben's reminiscence:   "I could spend a lot of time talking about Ray Chance — one of the finest men I've ever known.   We were the first two officers to report to our ship being built in Portland, Oregon and we spent almost a year there waiting for the ship's completion and attending various training programs.  I reported as a "90-day wonder", that is, a college graduate who in 90 days took intensive training in seamanship, close order drill, navigation and we emerged as Ensigns in the USNR.  We were then sent to ships commanded by warrant deck officers who had spent their entire lives as seamen in The USN.  On most of these fleet tugs, you had candy stripers commanding ships with a young 90-day wonder with a full Ensigns commission.  This was hard on both parties.  The candy striper was properly resentful.  Luckily, Ray Chance wasn't like that and this issue never came up."

"In summary, Ray Chance was the kindest, most generous man I've ever met.  He loved his position as captain of a salvage and search and rescue ocean-going tug.   He was proud of his skills as the captain and as a seaman and worked hard to perfect them.   But the universal trait that distinguished him was his generosity and kindness.   Ray Chance had nothing but good to say about his fellow men.   He never tore people down he only built them up.   If he were talking to a signalman, he would have something good to say about his flag waving.   If he were talking to a radioman, he would compliment the operator on his ability to get the best signal available."

"His generosity was legendary.   It was no accident that he was awarded the Legion of Merit and elected Mayor of his adopted hometown.
I hope this gives you a clearer picture of Ray Chance, a great man!"

Lt. Ray Chance's grave at Arlington.

Cpl. Rene A. Gagnon's grave — also at Arlington.
He's buried just a few feet away from Chance.
Odd that they were both at Iwo Jima together.

The inscription on the back of Cpl. Gagnon's marker.

Anderson Paint of Portsmouth, VA.
The dark/deck gray paint you donated is pretty close to the old girl's WW2 "Pacific Gray".   She looks ready for war!!  And, she really stands out next to the Wisconsin, which is over on the next dock.   The chief historian of the CG in Portsmouth stopped by; he was impressed!   Two Moran tugs also stopped by to say she looked good & encouraged us to keep up the fight to save her!!!

Harry, John, and Jim strategizing.

Yep!  It's that old Bosn' Lenny Carbone on the raft with John!

Rich waiting for more paint.

Almost completely painted!

Words Fail To Express Our Gratitude
For the Critically-Timed Generosity of the
NAUTICUS Science & Technology Center!!

Warned by the Navy to seek a safe harbor in which to ride out Hurricane EARL (before it was downgraded to a tropical storm), we turned to NAUTICUS ? the home of the Battleship Wisconsin.

We arrived at NAUTICUS under-tow at about 2100 on September 2nd and were welcomed with open arms.  Calm waters when we docked quickly turned to driving rain and white-capped waves whipped up by 40-50 mph winds barely an hour later with the arrival of Tropical Storm EARL at about 2200.   We were able to hook up to shore power, but a broken water main necessitated a bucket brigade.
The lush landscaping and the views of the harbor are terrific.
NAUTICUS? live webcam provides a fantastic view of the Norfolk/Portsmouth waterfront.
Special Thanks To:
Hank Lynch & his crew at NAUTICUS (new friends)!!
Skiffs Creek Towing Inc, Capt Donnie & crew!
Capt. Jason Greene (new friend)
Deck Force, USS GUNSTON HALL (for helping us shove off from Little Creek NAB)
Jeff Nilsson, Executive Director Historic Naval Ships Association

DECK GANG, USS Gunston Hall, just before we took off from Little Creek.

Underway! Thanks to Skiffs Creek Towing Inc, Capt Donnie & crew!

Hank Lynch & his crew at NAUTICUS (new friends)!!

Dockside under stormy skies.

Safe, Sound & Securely Moored!

Tropical Storm Safe Harbor or Tropical Vacation?

NAUTICUS, a great place to bring the family.

The view from inside NAUTICUS.

The view from the Battleship Wisconsin.

Another shot from the deck of the Battleship Wisconsin.

Our new next-door neighbor.

The ZUNI-TAMAROA received the donation of HVAC Units from Steeber and Father Co. of Richmond, VA.
The units arrived at the ship 20 February 2010.  There were no riggers, no boatswain mates, and no motive power.  They were loaded onto the ZUNI-TAMAROA with lots of ingenuity and manpower by Rich Cunningham, Georg Doran, William Stefan, Jay Schutte, Nick Stapanowich, and Harry Jaeger.

Testing The Rig With An Empty Pallet.

A Tricky Lift - AC Fan Coal Unit.

Steady As She Goes.

Photos from the March 2010

USCG DC "A" Class from Yorktown - 6Mar10.

Scullery being taken apart for future ship's store.

Radio Room where bulkhead needs to be replaced.

Exec's Stateroom area that will be rebuilt.

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Zuni-Tamaroa Gets New Home Port - Portsmouth!

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